Juliana Hatfield – “Short-Fingered Man” Video

Juliana Hatfield – “Short-Fingered Man” Video

April 04, 2017

We're stoked to share Juliana's awesome video for "Short-Fingered Man" from her upcoming album Pussycat.

"For this video I shot a bunch of footage of myself in my hallway. I love sixties dancing so I did a bunch of that. Also I was thinking of early Jean Rollin vampire movies and of "Alphaville" (Godard) and those scenes near the end in which Anna Karina--and other residents of Alphaville--start to lose their equilibrium in the hallway and can't keep themselves walking in a straight line. Caroline Jaecks took all of my footage and masterfully constructed a neat little narrative out of it that fits the song really well."

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