Debut Release from our new imprint Now Available to Pre-Order

Debut Release from our new imprint Now Available to Pre-Order

October 11, 2022


Our very first Red Parakeet Records release got a great review in the upcoming issue of The Big Takeover Magazine. We got a sneak peak for you below:

mike watt + the secondmissingmen & up around the sun
split 7”
       (Red Parakeet)
“Tribute to the other artist” split singles are fun. (There was a 1992 double Leatherface/Wat Tyler one I particularly loved.) And when you have ex-Minutemen and ex-Big Boys guys doing each other’s songs from four decades ago, it’s even better. Going with banjo-gussied inversion, UAtS’s Tim Kerr conjures an entire Greek Chorus of ’80s contemporaries to speak-intone Double Nickels on the Dime’s “History Lesson Pt. II,” including one that Watt namechecked on it back in 1984! (Good old X’s John Doe; plus Ian MacKaye, Mark Arm, Cait O’Riordan, T.S.O.L.’s Rom Emory, both bands’ old producer Spot, etc.!) It’s like one great clubhouse. Watt and mates similarly transform, converting The BBs’ 1982 Fun, Fun, Fun… EP stab at Pigbag-meets-Trouble Funk, “We Got Soul,” into a cool Captain Beefheart-Tom Waits-gone-Booker-T smoky tribal groove. More lessons, please! (


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