Amanda Palmer covers Elliott Smith

October 13, 2016

Hear Amanda Palmer cover Elliott Smith's "Pictures Of Me" from Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith out October 14th on CD, LP and Cassette.


“I’ve been an admirer and constant listener of Elliott’s whole catalogue since someone first gave me XO in the 90s. It’s just impossible to get bored of listening to his songwriting, which is so sonically quiet yet emotionally loud. He was always curating this paradox of himself for the listener, giving you pieces of the puzzle. ‘Pictures of Me’ has always been one my favorites of his, lyrically, because, like his best stuff, he deals with the struggle by putting the struggle on display. I tried to keep the arrangement personal and simple, just piano and voice, because I felt like adding any more was going to just get in the way of the intimacy. And as a blanket commentary on fame and image, c’mon: ‘Everybody’s dying just to get the disease’ as a double entendre? It’s genius….I mean that’s up there with the best Leonard Cohen lyrics. I so wish Elliott was around to keep sharing his genius. The best we can do now is just keep the songs and his soul in circulation." - Amanda Palmer

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