Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Directed by Joel Hershman

Catalog Number:
Release Date: 12/10/13

Actors: Adrienne Shelly, Sean Young, Diane Ladd, Max Parrish, Andrea Naschak, Bela Lehoczky, Ania Suli, Timothy Leary, Vic Trevino, Allan Warnick, Joseph Anthony Richards, Martha Shaw, Frank Noon, Mary Lanier, Bruce Ed Morrow, Travis Swords, Alain Silver

Eli's got girl trouble. He just left his bride at the alter - with a bullet in her designer dress. Now he's hiding out in the hide-away trailer park with an insatiable, sexaholic stripper who wants his body and her sweet young sister who steals his heart. Critically acclaimed Joel Hershman wrote and directed this campy comedy that has "Cult Classic" written all over it. Featuring music by The Pixies, Violent Femmes, The Cramps, Elvis Hitler, The Young Gods, King Missile, and more!

Language: English
Running Time: 94 minutes
Format: Color, NTSC, Widescreen
Region: 0 (All Regions)
Rating: R


A funky, extremely entertaining comedy! LEONARD MALTIN

Breezy and fast-paced. LOS ANGELES TIMES

Altogether outrageous and illogically endearing. NEW YORK POST

A near-perfect alternative comedy! ENTERTAINMENT TODAY

Wickedly entertaining. PREMIERE

This is the best movie ever set in a grungy trailer park. JEFFREY LYONS

An offbeat comedy that seduces, amuses and offends. CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Ribald, sleazy, touching, hilarious, off-kilter, campy, low-rent, sexy, sardonic. DETAILS

The funniest film of the summer. DETOUR MAGAZINE

A hilariously trashy, raunchy, dark, and thoroughly entertaining film AUSTIN CHRONICAL

A gonzo farce! DAILY NEWS

The ‘Citizen Kane’ of trailer park movies. SNEAK PREVIEWS

Hysterical feature debut. INTERVIEW MAGAZINE

More interesting characters, and certainly more laughs, than most comedies coming from major studios these days. NEW YORK NEWSDAY