Tanya Donelly - Swan Song Series

Catalog Number: ALR-0038
Release Date: 05/20/16

Track List:

  1. Mass Ave
  2. Christopher Street
  3. Let Fall The Sky
  4. Blame The Muse
  5. Meteor Shower
  6. Still
  7. Mary Magdelene In The Great Sky
  8. Why So Sad
  9. Making Light
  10. Miranda (Pacifically)
  11. Written_Unread
  12. VivaKaraoke
  13. Far Away And Hard To See
  14. Hidalgo Street
  15. Cygnet Song
  16. Salt
  17. Worry Doll
  18. Cape Ann
  19. Flying At Night
  20. Snow Goose And Me
  21. Tu y Yo
  22. Lucky Love
  23. Oh Me Of Little Faith
  24. The End To The Dawn
  25. Silver In Your Palm
  26. Mr. Swan
  27. Send Me Your Next Nightmare
  28. Wild Love
  29. Storm Blown Bird
  30. In Your Name
  31. Tooraloo

The Swan Song Series is a collection of songs in which Tanya Donelly -- grammy-nominated, singer-songwriter and founding member of three of the most influential and successful bands of the post-punk era (Breeders, Throwing Muses, Belly) -- collaborated with friends, musicians and authors such as Rick Moody, Robyn Hitchcock, John Wesley Harding, Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Tom Gorman and Gail Greenwood (Belly), and Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields), and explored an impressive range that wasn't always captured on previous albums. This exclusive collection includes 31 tracks on an impressive 3 album set.