Dragon Inn 3 - Trade Secrets

Catalog Number: ALR-0062
Release Date: 04/28/23

Track List:
  1. I Can't Stop
  2. Out Of Control (Bad Boy 2)
  3. Not Enough
  4. See It Your Way
  5. I Could Never
  6. Teleport
  7. I'll Be Right Over
  8. This Party Sucks
  9. Trade Secrets Theme
  10. Only You
  11. Finally Going Down

The long-anticipated sophomore release from Dragon Inn 3. Features 10 brand new songs plus a fantastic cover of Yaz's "Only You."

Dragon Inn 3 is:
Grace Bentley - vocals
Philip Dickey - synths, drums, guitar, bass, vocals
Sharon Hamm - synths, vocals
David Hill - vocals, synths

Recorded from 2018 to 2022 at Davey’s house and Sharon’s house.
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Philip Dickey
Additional recording and mixing help from Ross Brown, David Hill, and Chase Horseman.
Mastered by Sean Glonek at SRG studios

Additional musicians:
Bill Belzer percussion “I Can’t Stop”
John Cardwell guitar “Finally Going Down”
Ben Collins guitar “I Can’t Stop”
Tim Gillespie saxophone “I Can’t Stop” “Out Of Control” “Trade Secrets Theme”
Anita Kitungano vocals “See It Your Way”
John O'Hallaron guitar "Teleport"
Bora Wilondja vocals “See It Your Way” “Trade Secrets Theme”
Mauwa Wilondja vocals “Trade Secrets Theme”
Pelo Wilondja percussion “I Could Never”

Additional writers:
Emma Bentley Ruzicka "Not Enough"
Bora Wilondja "See It Your Way"
JR Top "See It Your Way"
Vincent Clark "Only You"

Cover photo: Dominik Podlipniak
Design: Dustin Williams

Pressing information:
Red Opaque Vinyl *180 gram* (200 pressed)
Blue Translucent Vinyl *180 gram* (150 pressed)
White Vinyl *180 gram* (150 pressed)
Solid Red Cassettes x 25 *Bandcamp Exclusive*
Light Blue Cassettes x 25 *Bandcamp Exclusive*
Metallic Gold Cassettes x 25 *Bandcamp Exclusive*
Metallic Silver Cassettes x 25 *Bandcamp Exclusive*