On Being An Angel

Formed in 2019, the On Being an Angel sound is a mix of pop melodies boosted with fuzzy guitars and driving beats recalling the bubblegrunge era of the 90s. The band has found themselves a bit of a chameleon in their local Austin scene being recruited to showcase their heavy side opening for Quicksand one night then softening for a stripped down duo set alongside Julie Doiron for another. The Angels first touched ground out on the open road supporting The Lemonheads last year for their 30th anniversary It’s A Shame About Ray tour, and joined Juliana Hatfield again this past fall to support on a string of Midwest dates. The group will also be joining Hatfield on the American Laundromat roster this Winter with their debut vinyl release of their new single “Playin It Cool”. The tune opens with a squeal of feedback introducing the listener to Flitton’s soaring solo #1 before switching to a back-beat groove fueled by rhythm section Nevels and Wilcox as Applin bittersweetly joins in on vocals to recollect on an age-old battle of head vs heart. Accompanying the track is the B side KISS cover of “Hard Luck Woman” where the band conjoins the 12-string with the fuzz to add a new volume to a Rod Stewart inspired hard rock classic.