The Caulfield Sisters

The Caulfield Sisters are a critically praised independent band, noted at times for their sonic similarity to Throwing Muses and Galaxie 500. They have appeared at the annual CMJ music marathon, were featured in the New York art magazine Esopus, and were named one of “NYC’s 10 Bands to Watch” by Time Out New York magazine. The Caulfield Sisters debut CD-EP “Say It With Fire” was a stunning release that enjoyed critical acclaim, many months as a favorite on the CMJ charts, and earned them invitations to perform live on KEXP.

"Fans of the Caulfield Sisters are happily getting back into their groove, as the Brooklyn gal trio returned to playing live recently following a four-year hiatus. Even after the lengthy break, there’s a real charm and simplicity to the Caulfield sound, recalling Ray-era Lemonheads and Throwing Muses." - TimeOut New York

"Sounds like angel babies from heaven after a night with Uncle Makers Mark" - VICE Magazine

"Whimsical, beautiful and a little sad...atmospheric gems that will have you swaying back and forth, eyes closed and a sloppy grin on your face. Clearly these ladies have all the raw dreamy notions that most current music completely lacks." - BUST Magazine

"The talented young Brooklyn based trio dish a couple of serious low-fi fuzz tracks with nods to Sonic Youth and The Pixies all while keeping their stamp of female garage rock intact. "I See Your Face" takes a jump way back to 1989 with a sound that would have fit in nicely with the likes My Bloody Valentine, The Lemonheads and Dinosaur Jr. on the cusp of the Seattle explosion. "Caterwauling" is straight ahead rock, again keeping with the very lo-fi theme, this song will be in high rotation for anyone who can’t get enough old school indie rock. This special digital release commands a lot of respect, as The Caulfield Sisters clearly did their homework and delivered big with 2 really catchy and time stamped songs." - Spill Magazine